Tra-la! It’s May

It’s been a busy, successful Spring. I have two exciting announcements: My story, “The Good Neighbors” has been published in Wild Musette Journal. Wild Musette is a home for “Dancers, Dreamers, Drummers, [and] Readers.” They offer books, short stories, cards, coloring books, and poetry. They are organizing an Irish Dance Vacation to County Sligo, Ireland … More Tra-la! It’s May

The Crescent Moon Bear and The Unconscious Bear Within

The subconscious is a wondrous place.                I’d been musing on an anecdote I had read once-upon-a-time, I knew-not-where and I picked up my best guess source, Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Women Who Run With the Wolves. After some diligent searching and skimming, I found the story of interest, right there on page 284. I have … More The Crescent Moon Bear and The Unconscious Bear Within

Gratitude is Healthy Every Day of the Year

Gratitude is good for your health. Want proof?  Shawn Achor can give you some.  He is a researcher into the science of happiness. Yes, science; he calls it positive psychology. In one scientific study, participants who wrote about a positive experience three times a week not only were happier when re-tested three month later, but had … More Gratitude is Healthy Every Day of the Year


Christian Symbolism in Thomas the Rhymer Thomas the Rhymer was a bard whose supernatural tale was recorded most famously in Professor Child’s English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Sir Walter Scott also noted this legend in his Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. I have quite a liking for this human character on the cusp of faerie, … More MY FIRST FICTION PUBLICATION: “TRUE THOMAS”