About the Author

Librarian, Writer, Celtic folklorist. Storyteller & scholar.

I am a former children’s librarian and current Library Director. I have completed my M.F.A. in fiction at Rosemont College in 2016, earning Thesis Of The Year for my fairy-themed novel.

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own personal opinions.  They do not reflect the opinions of my employer or any organization with which I am affiliated.

Email me at cynthiajunelong[at]gmail.com

Unless otherwise indicated, all content is Copyright 2012-2021 by Cynthia June Long.

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Greetings Cynthia! Thank you for visiting my (very) humble beginnings of ‘presence’ out there.
    I was delighted to note your affinity toward ‘things faerie’. Have you read Tolkien’s views on this, including his poem ‘Mythopoeia’? Also, there’s a book written by Noel D. O’Donoghue called “The Mountain Behind the Mountain” in which he talks about this matter, distinguishing between the imagination and the ‘imaginal’. And if you really want a hoot, try watching the Canadian NFB’s video/DVD – ‘The Faery Faith’. More another time… Thanks Again, Rob.

  2. What: “Skellig Michael: A Desert In the Ocean” (Irish Orthodox Monasticism)
    When: Thursday, November 8th @ 7:30 PM.
    Where: University of Ottawa (U of O), Fauteaux Bldg (FTX, Room # 137)

    Topic: Situated some seven miles off the south coast of Co. Kerry Ireland, lies an ancient Celtic monastery popularly known as Skellig Michael. First established by Irish monks in the 7th century (and still venerated by countless pilgrims to this very day), this lecture will examine the religious, socio-cultural and phenomenological impetus which resulting in its creation/establishment. Join us for a 21st century odyssey into an early medieval expression of Irish spirituality!

    Presenter: Rob O’Gorman is a writer, poet and lecturer who lives rurally near Almonte, Ontario. A graduate of the Celtic Christianity program via the University of Wales (Lampeter), his interests include studying ancient Celtic ‘adventure’ texts, early medieval poetry, and sojourning into such seemingly fierce and inhospitable landscapes as Skellig Michael (Sceilig Figil).

    Cynthia, I know you won’t be able to make it to the above lecture; nonetheless, I did want you to know that we share the same journey – toward (and into) the holy, apostolic, and universal Orthodox church, which was (and is) the timeless “Celtic Church” (aka Celtic Rite).

  3. Celtic Folklorist….I would like to hear more about that Cynthia. I will have to peak around and see if you have written about it. Thanks for your encouragement for me to keep writing.

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