Party Like It’s 2020

The last weekend before Christmas: in other years, we would be attending Holiday parties, sometimes weighing which invitations to accept and for which ones to send our regrets.  In 2020, after nine months of COVID hysteria and pandemic prudence, the obligatory workplace gala would be welcomed for once.             Instead, I’ll share with you a … More Party Like It’s 2020

Intuition Found

We’ve all heard stories of near misses: someone reschedules a flight on a hunch or whim and avoids a disaster.  We’ve heard stories of ignored intuition: Abraham Lincoln reportedly didn’t want to attend Ford’s Theatre on the night of his assassination. Other tales are rare or nonexistent: what if you listen to your intuition and … More Intuition Found

Rare Coin: Queen Victoria as Una from Spencer’s”The Faerie Queen”

There’s way too many adverts on the Daily Mail website, so here’s the pertinent information: Only 400 of these 5-pound Victoria-era gold coin were ever struck. It features Queen Victoria, portrayed as Una from Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. The lion symbolizes the British Empire. This one sold for 530,000-pounds. The reverse is a portrait of … More Rare Coin: Queen Victoria as Una from Spencer’s”The Faerie Queen”

My Red Shoes

Is there power in the color red? Are red shoes inherently magical? I put on my new mud-stomping, shorter-than-Wellingtons, prettier-than-duck-shoes sloggers, and suddenly, I wanted to dance. I’m no Dorothy. I din’t inherit through the death of a witch. I bought them for walking our dog in our mud-pit of a backyard. All winter long … More My Red Shoes

Sustained By Prayers

About a month ago, on July 17, Orthodox Christians in Russia and throughout the world observed the one-hundred year anniversary of the assassination of Tsar Nicholas and his family. A procession was held, starting from the Church on the Blood in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, a church constructed at the site where the Romanovs … More Sustained By Prayers