My Red Shoes

Is there power in the color red? Are red shoes inherently magical? I put on my new mud-stomping, shorter-than-Wellingtons, prettier-than-duck-shoes sloggers, and suddenly, I wanted to dance. I’m no Dorothy. I din’t inherit through the death of a witch. I bought them for walking our dog in our mud-pit of a backyard. All winter long … More My Red Shoes

February Harbinger

Walking to the bus stop after work last night, I saw my first Spring flower and wrote a poem.   February Harbinger     A yellow crocus cannot lie.   After burrowing all winter, (breathing beside bears) she yawns and stretches. She pokes her pert green nose past the crumbling den of Hades’ habitation. She … More February Harbinger

Cold Companions

Yep, our pipes froze. Interestingly enough: the hot water, not the cold. I guess flushing the toilet overnight was enough to keep the cold water flowing. Mindful of my Russian friends celebrating Christmas today, I share this Russian folk tale about the cold: A husband and newlywed wife are walking in the forest. He is … More Cold Companions

Shackleton & Eliot: You’re Never Alone

“Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in case of success. Ernest Shackleton.”  –Apocryphal announcement for the 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. [1] 2014: The Midwest and Northeast hunker down for blizzard and blizzard-like conditions, followed by frigid cold. In Antarctica, … More Shackleton & Eliot: You’re Never Alone

The Cuckoo Song

Sumer is ycomen in, Loude sing cuckou! Groweth seed and bloweth meed, And springth the wode now. Sing cuckou! Ewe bleteth after lamb, Loweth after calve cow, Bulloc sterteth, bucke verteth, Merye sing cuckou! Cuckou, cuckou, Wel singest thou cuckou: Ne swik thou never now! –Middle English, anonymous Summer has come in; The cuckoo sings … More The Cuckoo Song

Cold till Doom!

With the first cold snap in the Northeast, many of us are whimpering like babies. The Midwest has seen a sizable snowstorm, and there has been record-breaking weather, including ferocious winds, throughout England and Northern Ireland. I offer, in honor of the weather, a traditional Irish poem:  A Cold Night –attributed to MacLesc of Finn’s … More Cold till Doom!