Three Ways To Trap A Leprechaun {Book Review}

A boisterous red-haired older sister attempts to trap a leprechaun to prove to her skeptical little brother that leprechauns are real. She exuberantly creates Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions to pursue the leprechaun. Characters’ expressions are expertly illustrated. Delightful vocabulary and occasional internal rhyme. Some Fenians might object to the overuse of the four-leafed clover rather than … More Three Ways To Trap A Leprechaun {Book Review}

Here There Be Dragons [Book Review]

          Caroline McAlister’s John Ronald’s Dragons: The Story of J.R.R. Tolkien is a picture book biography for the whole family. McAlister takes the reader through Tolkien’s youth, war service, and career to and through his initial penning of those classic words, “In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit.” The cadence, pacing, and echoes … More Here There Be Dragons [Book Review]

A Tarnished Adaptation from the Golden Legend

Nicely told picture book legend, with the rhythm of a folktale. Most of the illustrations convey the mood and enhance the text, especially the aged face of the “fierce and bold” Offero, and the dark black and red illustration which accompanies the devil disguised as a knight. The illustration of the king was impressively majestic, … More A Tarnished Adaptation from the Golden Legend

Halloween or Year-Round Monster Trucks [Book Review]

Brilliant concept! (Why didn’t I think of this?) After Halloween, for the rest of the year, monsters drive trucks and utility vehicles. The werewolf drives a back hoe to dig deep holes for bones and squeaky toys; the yeti drives a snow plow; the minotaur cleverly drives a BULL-dozer. The witch appropriately trades her broom … More Halloween or Year-Round Monster Trucks [Book Review]