The Wind is Howling Through The Winter Night

Poem (excerpted) by Avetis Isahakian; published in Armenian Legends and Poems, Zabelle C. Boyajian, Editor. 1916.

The wind is howling through the winter night,
Like to a pack of angry wolves that cry.
My hapless willows bend before its might;
Their broken branches in the garden lie.

There motherless and orphaned let it weep,
And let the wind its sobbings onward bear
Unto some desert place, or stormy deep–
But not where human soul its voice may hear.

The wind is howling in its agony
All through this snow-bound night, with piercing cry;
Alas, beneath the broken willow tree
My shattered love lies dying–let it die.

Complete Poem available at Sacred Texts.

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