Guarded and Guided

Thou angel of God who hast charge of me
From the dear Father of mercifulness,
The shepherding kind of the fold of the saints
To make round about me this night;

Drive from me every temptation and danger,
Surround me on the sea of unrighteousness,
And in the narrows, crooks, and straits,
Keep thou my coracle, keep it always.

Be thou a bright flame before me,
Be thou a guiding star above me,
Be thou a smooth path below me,
And be a kindly shepherd behind me,
To-day, to-night, and for ever.

The Guardian Angel,” [excerpt] Scottish, 19th Century, from the Carmina Gadelica, transcribed by Alexander Carmichael from the oral tradition.

“Surround us with your holy angels that we may be guarded and guided by them.”

–Orthodox Prayer


All images courtesy of Pixabay except

“Lonely Coracle” by Subharnab  is licensed with CC BY 2.0. and “Craggaunowen – St.Brendans Boot 1” by Wolfgang Sauber is licensed with CC BY-SA 4.0. 

A coracle, Irish curragh, is a primitive boat made with a frame of woven grasses, reeds, or saplings covered with hides. They are sometimes still used in Wales and Ireland, usually now utilizing canvas and a tar coat. — from Encyclopedia Britannica

Dear God, be good to me;
the sea is so wide,
and I am so small.
  -- traditional Breton fisherman's prayer

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