Status Update, October 2015

I am proud to report that I finished my Rosemont College Creative Writing MFA graduate coursework in August, with my diploma to be conferred in January 2016.


My thesis project is a novel with the working title “The Stolen Child” about faeries in America.

I’ve got one more draft to go and then I start shopping it to agents and editors.


For my cover art, I used an image of “Spring,” a stained glass panel by John La Farge made 1901-1902 which is on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Spring by John La Farge;

Spring by John La Farge

In other news, I just passed my one-year anniversary for starting to blog for “The Sounding” blog on Orthodox Christian Network.  You can follow these posts on OCN or on my Facebook author page, Cynthia Long, Writer.


2 comments on “Status Update, October 2015

  1. Christy Quast says:

    Congratulations! When it’s published, I hope you would sign my copy!

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