His Answer When Some Stranger Asked Who He Was

I am Raftery the poet, full of hope and love; my eyes without light, my gentleness  without misery. Going west on my journey with the light of my heart; weak and tired to the end of my road.

I am now, and my back to a wall, playing music to empty pockets.

from The Kiltartan Poetry Book, Prose Translations from the Irish by Lady Gregory

Published 1918. In the Public Domain.

via Project Gutenberg


Additional Information About Lady Gregory

Biography from Theatre Database.

“Our Irish Theatre: A Chapter of Autobiography”  Digitized by Upenn Library.

Coole Park, now a National Park and Nature Reserve in Ireland, formerly the home of Lady Gregory.

A video from the Lady Gregory & Yeats Heritage Trail, featuring some of the homes and locales associated with Lady Gregory.

True scholars may enjoy the Lady Gregory Collection of notes, diaries and other documents at the New York Public Library. Alas, nothing digitized yet.

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Photo credit: from the Library of Congress Bain Collection