Kildare Compassion

brigid cross wreath

This year’s St. Brigid crosses have already been made, blessed by the priest! and given away. I offer instead a photo of a wreath I made several years ago.

Here is a poem-prayer (a ‘charm’ in the best possible sense) I composed and recited while plaiting my reeds:

God bless the home where this [cross] is hung.

God bless the people who dwell within.

God bless the work which there is done.

God bless the pets which dwell therein.


I offer as well a poem in the honor of St. Brigid:

Kildare Compassion

Give your father’s sword

to a beggar.

Feed the guests’ bacon

to the emaciated hound.

Milk and milk and milk again

the cows for the hungry.

Lay down your cloak,

cover the Curragh,

and clothe my weakness.

Midwife to my soul,

Abbess of my heart,

May we ever drink ale together.


Blessed feast day to all my readers.


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