Stop the World, I Want To Get Off!

When I was a young child in the early 1970’s, my favorite shirt bore a front covered entirely in printed slogans, encircled in different colors, to mimic protest buttons. (Coincidentally—or not—I always felt an affinity for, and grew up to write my high school term paper on, the 60’s peace movement.) My favorite saying, which I could not comprehend with my child-literal mind and also simultaneously compelled me with an intensity I could not fathom, was the button image on my left shoulder: “Stop the world, I want to get off!”  Even at my young age, I identified.


My dream


            Last night I dreamed I was at some kind of health or counselors’ weekend retreat. All of the attendees were playing a massive board game which was part “Clue” with many different rooms but mostly an oversized maze you navigated—stopping at the rooms for a detour—complete with dead ends and multiple turns. The room called Anger at Parents was extra large, with ample space for many players’ simultaneous tokens. I was trying to get out of the Room of Chaos and find my way to the EXIT which was God or peace or enlightenment.


     Psychoanalysis not necessary. This one’s pretty obvious.